Smile is a facial expression characterized by an upward curving corners of the mouth and it indicates pleasure, amusement or derision.

Smiling has more effects in our lives than just indicating pleasure or amusement which i will be discussing in this post.

– SMILING MAKES US TO LOOK YOUNGER THAN OUR AGE:- Most of us would agree that people who smiles a lot always looks younger than their age because they don’t stress their facial muscles which tend to make their face and skin fresher each day.

– SMILING HELPS US TO LIVE HEALTHY:- People that smile a lot are always joyous and this helps in the proper functioning of the heart and so they tend to live a healthy lifestyle.

– OUR SMILE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN SOMEONE’S LIFE:- Our smile can make someone to feel better, it can help to boost someone’s confidence. Imagine going for an interview and you feel a little bit frightened or afraid and all of a sudden, the interviewer smiles at you, you know that you will definitely feel at ease and you will be more confident. Some people needs this type of boost through our smile.

– YOUR SMILE FRUSTRATES YOUR ENEMIES:- When i say your enemies, i mean the people that do not like you, the people that do not want the best for you. We have such people in our lives, they will want to discourage you, they will want to put up a fight with you but when you smile, they are heavily frustrated and they tend to leave you alone because they cannot deal with your smile.

In conclusion:- No matter how you feel or what you have been through, always stay strong and never stop smiling and when life gives you one reason to frown, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.

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A mentor is a person who gives a younger or less experienced person help and advice over a period of time.

They are some people we admire so much, we love their characters and we just want to emulate their behaviours. We can call such people our mentors. Our mentor may be our parents, favourite writer, a teacher, preacher and other kinds of people from all fields of life.

Some people think that having a mentor is stupid and of no benefit but that is not true. If you want to get to a particular level or attain a specific height in life, you need the help of a very special person who has gone through the up’s and down’s to get to that level which you so desire, you will need to study that person’s life closely and do what he/she did or do it better to get to that desired level and this is when a mentor comes in place.

We may not know this but mentors have a way of challenging and bringing out the best in us, they help us in achieving our goals and they also contribute to our success and progress in life. Check out great and successful men all around the world and you would find out that they wouldn’t have been successful without the help of their mentors.

Your mentor can be someone you have never met nor spoken to before but you can gain and connect to the person through their books, videos or through any other means or materials.

In conclusion:- Mentors also help in giving us advice concerning our emotional, relationship and spiritual life. So, if you do not have a mentor, my advice is to look and search for that someone whose lifestyle and behaviour you want to emulate because having a mentor is vital for our success.

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Gratitude is the quality of being thankful and the readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness.

It is for our own benefit that we show gratitude to the people who has helped us in one way or the other but the sad part is that some people find it hard to show gratitude for what someone has done for them.

Have you ever noticed that when you show gratitude to people, they will want to do more for you. I mean that they will want to get out of their way just to make you happy and satisfied but the opposite happens to an ungrateful person.

WHO SHOULD I SHOW GRATITUDE TO? This is a very important question. Well, the people you should show gratitude to are;

1)The people that gave you a helping hand in one way or the other. 2)Your parents because they have sacrificed so much for you. 3)Your teachers because they imparted you with knowledge for you to get to your desired future. 4)Your best friends because they were there when you needed them the most. The last but not the least, we should also show gratitude to God almighty for the gift of life and the grace given unto us to pursue and fulfill our goals.

In conclusion:- We should develop the habit of showing gratitude because the person whom we show gratitude today may become our helper tomorrow.

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We all know that communication is the art of exchanging information by speaking, writing or using some other means. Communication has a way of influencing our day to day activities in that we cannot do without communicating with the people around us. There is more to communication than we can ever imagine which i will be discussing in this post. – COMMUNICATION HELPS IN EXPRESSING HOW WE FEEL:- Sometimes when we feel sad or happy, we need someone in whom we can place our trust and express our feelings to. If you don’t like a person’s behaviour or you feel that a person is not treating you right, you can pour out your feelings and this is where communication plays a vital role. – COMMUNICATION SAYS A LOT ABOUT OUR PERSONALITY:- Some people may not know this but the way we communicate with people says a lot about our personality and the way other people communicate with us says a lot about their personality as well. You can be able to tell if a person is intelligent, dull, a gossip, having a corrupt mind by the way he/she communicates and this can help you in knowing what to say and not what to say to the person. – COMMUNICATION HELPS IN MAKING FRIENDS:- We all know that friends are important in a person’s life. If you can recall how you made friends with some people, you would realize that it started by communicating with each other, perhaps you guys became friends by talking about the things you love or hate or maybe through an argument (some people do become friends after an argument, i think it is kind of weird anyway). The point is that you guys started your friendship based on communication. – COMMUNICATION HELPS IN HAVING/KEEPING A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP:- Relationship between family members, friends and lovers can be improved through the art of communication. Talking about your feelings, the things bothering you, your decisions can help in strengthening a relationship. In conclusion:- We should also watch the way we communicate with people because the way we communicate can either hurt them or make them feel loved/special. Thanks for reading.


Another academic session is here, the semester has started, examinations will definitely roll in and you just want to be one of the best students in your class, you have a lot on your plate and you don’t have enough time for studying, then the next question you will be asking is what can i do to be an outstanding student? Well, in order to pass an examination, you need some study tips which i will be discussing in this post. These study tips has helped me in my academics and i am very sure it will help you too if you follow it. The study tips are as follows; 1)DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE EXAMINATION PERIOD BEFORE YOU START STUDYING: Many students like doing this but the truth is that it doesn’t help. Getting a good grade or a high grade point starts from the first day of lectures. If you want to be one of the best students in your class, you have to study everyday, i mean that you have to read and reflect on what your teachers have taught you for the day. This will make you ahead of other students in your class so that during the examination period, when other students are struggling to read and cover up, you will just be revising and resting. 2)HAVE A READING TIME -TABLE: You are a busy person and you have got to have time for studying, then the next step for you is to have a reading or studying time – table which must be followed strictly. Your time – table has to follow a specific duration. For example, you can read two books per day for two hours, that is one book for one hour. Yours can vary. The way you plan your study time should be at your convenience. When you are studying, there should be no distraction whatsoever until you are done. 3)AVOID CRAMMING: Cramming means to try to learn a lot very quickly before an exam. People cram because they don’t study until the examination is about to start but the truth is that cramming is very bad as it makes one to forget what he/she has read or studied thereby making the person to fail so my advice is:- Do not cram but read to understand. 4)DO NOT DISLIKE OR HATE ANY OF YOUR TEACHERS: It is a common saying that if you do not like your teacher, you won’t do well in his/her subject. Funny but true. If you dislike your teacher, you will definitely find it hard to study their subjects and not studying will lead to failure. I know that some teachers can be annoying, trust me, i have had some annoying teachers but what made me to be good in their subject is that i try as much as possible to overlook their bad attitudes, i make sure i smile at them, i also make sure i don’t talk crap about them and even sometimes i make friends with them. You can also do the same. 5)ALWAYS DO A REVISION BEFORE ANY TEST OR EXAMINATION: You have done the above tips and your test or examination is fast approaching, the next thing for you to do is to revise and trust me, it will be easy for you since you have studied your books from the very beginning. That is what makes the difference between you and other students who are studying their books for the first time in the semester, you know it won’t be easy for them and that is why some students resort to cramming. In conclusion:- Having followed the above study tips, you just make sure to be calm when writing your test and examination and you are sure to come out in flying colours. These study tips is what makes a student outstanding. Thanks for reading.


Music is a vocal or instrumental sound combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony and expression of emotions. Music has a way lot of effects in our lives than people think. We can easily know what someone is going through (happy, sad, in love) by the type of music they sing and listen to. Music also has a way of influencing our day to day activities, for example; in exercises, having fun, creating videos e.t.c. People may not believe it but music also has a way of calming our nerves. When you are not at ease or you are angry or confused about something, you can just play really good music to lighten up your mood. Yeah, it helps. QUESTIONS THAT PEOPLE ASK; – What kind of music should i listen to when I’m sad? Ans: You can listen to music that speaks happiness and is also danceable because dancing can go along with the music to make you happy. – How often should i listen to music? Ans: A person cannot force his/herself to listen to music so you can listen to music anytime you feel like (at your own convenience). In conclusion, people should start appreciating music for the wonderful effects it has on people’s life so we can say that music soothes the mind and body thereby giving a pleasant relief to the soul.


Before we go on, we have to consider the meaning of junk and healthy food. Junk food is pre-prepared or packaged food that has low nutritional value while healthy food is natural food that has health giving qualities. In today’s age, one will have to realize that a large number of people (mostly children) prefers eating junks to healthy food. What i mean is that people love eating cakes,cookies,ice-cream which have little or no nutritional benefits.               QUESTIONS THAT PEOPLE ASK. – Is it bad to eat junks? Ans: Eating junks is not bad but what is bad is eating too much of it. – Is there any problem with eating too much junks? Ans: Yes, taking a lot of junks makes one vulnerable to malnutrition,diseases like diabetes e.t.c. – Can drinks like soda be called junks? Ans: Yes,soda has low-nutritional value and so can be considered as junk. – How often should i eat junks? Ans: You can eat junks at most three times a week. HEALTHY FOOD: What people fail to realize is that healthy food gives more satisfaction than junks in that they contain the vitamins and minerals required to make one healthy and they also provide the energy needed for our day to day activities. QUESTIONS THAT PEOPLE ASK. – Is it okay to eat both healthy and junk food? Ans: Of course,it’s okay but you have to eat more of healthy food. – How do i get my kids to eat more of healthy food? Ans: It is a common thing with kids (They hate vegetables) so you can start by giving them fruits,milk,meat e.t.c. CONCLUSION: It is normal that once in a while,we crave for junks such as chocolate and ice-cream. It’s okay to satisfy your cravings but always make sure that you eat a lot of healthy food in order to stay healthy. You can comment and ask questions, i will reply your questions in due time.Thanks