Before we go on, we have to consider the meaning of junk and healthy food. Junk food is pre-prepared or packaged food that has low nutritional value while healthy food is natural food that has health giving qualities. In today’s age, one will have to realize that a large number of people (mostly children) prefers eating junks to healthy food. What i mean is that people love eating cakes,cookies,ice-cream which have little or no nutritional benefits.               QUESTIONS THAT PEOPLE ASK. – Is it bad to eat junks? Ans: Eating junks is not bad but what is bad is eating too much of it. – Is there any problem with eating too much junks? Ans: Yes, taking a lot of junks makes one vulnerable to malnutrition,diseases like diabetes e.t.c. – Can drinks like soda be called junks? Ans: Yes,soda has low-nutritional value and so can be considered as junk. – How often should i eat junks? Ans: You can eat junks at most three times a week. HEALTHY FOOD: What people fail to realize is that healthy food gives more satisfaction than junks in that they contain the vitamins and minerals required to make one healthy and they also provide the energy needed for our day to day activities. QUESTIONS THAT PEOPLE ASK. – Is it okay to eat both healthy and junk food? Ans: Of course,it’s okay but you have to eat more of healthy food. – How do i get my kids to eat more of healthy food? Ans: It is a common thing with kids (They hate vegetables) so you can start by giving them fruits,milk,meat e.t.c. CONCLUSION: It is normal that once in a while,we crave for junks such as chocolate and ice-cream. It’s okay to satisfy your cravings but always make sure that you eat a lot of healthy food in order to stay healthy. You can comment and ask questions, i will reply your questions in due time.Thanks


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