Music is a vocal or instrumental sound combined in such a way as to produce beauty of form, harmony and expression of emotions. Music has a way lot of effects in our lives than people think. We can easily know what someone is going through (happy, sad, in love) by the type of music they sing and listen to. Music also has a way of influencing our day to day activities, for example; in exercises, having fun, creating videos e.t.c. People may not believe it but music also has a way of calming our nerves. When you are not at ease or you are angry or confused about something, you can just play really good music to lighten up your mood. Yeah, it helps. QUESTIONS THAT PEOPLE ASK; – What kind of music should i listen to when I’m sad? Ans: You can listen to music that speaks happiness and is also danceable because dancing can go along with the music to make you happy. – How often should i listen to music? Ans: A person cannot force his/herself to listen to music so you can listen to music anytime you feel like (at your own convenience). In conclusion, people should start appreciating music for the wonderful effects it has on people’s life so we can say that music soothes the mind and body thereby giving a pleasant relief to the soul.

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