Another academic session is here, the semester has started, examinations will definitely roll in and you just want to be one of the best students in your class, you have a lot on your plate and you don’t have enough time for studying, then the next question you will be asking is what can i do to be an outstanding student? Well, in order to pass an examination, you need some study tips which i will be discussing in this post. These study tips has helped me in my academics and i am very sure it will help you too if you follow it. The study tips are as follows; 1)DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE EXAMINATION PERIOD BEFORE YOU START STUDYING: Many students like doing this but the truth is that it doesn’t help. Getting a good grade or a high grade point starts from the first day of lectures. If you want to be one of the best students in your class, you have to study everyday, i mean that you have to read and reflect on what your teachers have taught you for the day. This will make you ahead of other students in your class so that during the examination period, when other students are struggling to read and cover up, you will just be revising and resting. 2)HAVE A READING TIME -TABLE: You are a busy person and you have got to have time for studying, then the next step for you is to have a reading or studying time – table which must be followed strictly. Your time – table has to follow a specific duration. For example, you can read two books per day for two hours, that is one book for one hour. Yours can vary. The way you plan your study time should be at your convenience. When you are studying, there should be no distraction whatsoever until you are done. 3)AVOID CRAMMING: Cramming means to try to learn a lot very quickly before an exam. People cram because they don’t study until the examination is about to start but the truth is that cramming is very bad as it makes one to forget what he/she has read or studied thereby making the person to fail so my advice is:- Do not cram but read to understand. 4)DO NOT DISLIKE OR HATE ANY OF YOUR TEACHERS: It is a common saying that if you do not like your teacher, you won’t do well in his/her subject. Funny but true. If you dislike your teacher, you will definitely find it hard to study their subjects and not studying will lead to failure. I know that some teachers can be annoying, trust me, i have had some annoying teachers but what made me to be good in their subject is that i try as much as possible to overlook their bad attitudes, i make sure i smile at them, i also make sure i don’t talk crap about them and even sometimes i make friends with them. You can also do the same. 5)ALWAYS DO A REVISION BEFORE ANY TEST OR EXAMINATION: You have done the above tips and your test or examination is fast approaching, the next thing for you to do is to revise and trust me, it will be easy for you since you have studied your books from the very beginning. That is what makes the difference between you and other students who are studying their books for the first time in the semester, you know it won’t be easy for them and that is why some students resort to cramming. In conclusion:- Having followed the above study tips, you just make sure to be calm when writing your test and examination and you are sure to come out in flying colours. These study tips is what makes a student outstanding. Thanks for reading.

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