We all know that communication is the art of exchanging information by speaking, writing or using some other means. Communication has a way of influencing our day to day activities in that we cannot do without communicating with the people around us. There is more to communication than we can ever imagine which i will be discussing in this post. – COMMUNICATION HELPS IN EXPRESSING HOW WE FEEL:- Sometimes when we feel sad or happy, we need someone in whom we can place our trust and express our feelings to. If you don’t like a person’s behaviour or you feel that a person is not treating you right, you can pour out your feelings and this is where communication plays a vital role. – COMMUNICATION SAYS A LOT ABOUT OUR PERSONALITY:- Some people may not know this but the way we communicate with people says a lot about our personality and the way other people communicate with us says a lot about their personality as well. You can be able to tell if a person is intelligent, dull, a gossip, having a corrupt mind by the way he/she communicates and this can help you in knowing what to say and not what to say to the person. – COMMUNICATION HELPS IN MAKING FRIENDS:- We all know that friends are important in a person’s life. If you can recall how you made friends with some people, you would realize that it started by communicating with each other, perhaps you guys became friends by talking about the things you love or hate or maybe through an argument (some people do become friends after an argument, i think it is kind of weird anyway). The point is that you guys started your friendship based on communication. – COMMUNICATION HELPS IN HAVING/KEEPING A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP:- Relationship between family members, friends and lovers can be improved through the art of communication. Talking about your feelings, the things bothering you, your decisions can help in strengthening a relationship. In conclusion:- We should also watch the way we communicate with people because the way we communicate can either hurt them or make them feel loved/special. Thanks for reading.


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