A mentor is a person who gives a younger or less experienced person help and advice over a period of time.

They are some people we admire so much, we love their characters and we just want to emulate their behaviours. We can call such people our mentors. Our mentor may be our parents, favourite writer, a teacher, preacher and other kinds of people from all fields of life.

Some people think that having a mentor is stupid and of no benefit but that is not true. If you want to get to a particular level or attain a specific height in life, you need the help of a very special person who has gone through the up’s and down’s to get to that level which you so desire, you will need to study that person’s life closely and do what he/she did or do it better to get to that desired level and this is when a mentor comes in place.

We may not know this but mentors have a way of challenging and bringing out the best in us, they help us in achieving our goals and they also contribute to our success and progress in life. Check out great and successful men all around the world and you would find out that they wouldn’t have been successful without the help of their mentors.

Your mentor can be someone you have never met nor spoken to before but you can gain and connect to the person through their books, videos or through any other means or materials.

In conclusion:- Mentors also help in giving us advice concerning our emotional, relationship and spiritual life. So, if you do not have a mentor, my advice is to look and search for that someone whose lifestyle and behaviour you want to emulate because having a mentor is vital for our success.

Thanks for reading.


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