A goal is a purpose or something that you want to achieve.

Every great mind has a goal. Goals help us in achieving our dreams.

A mistake that people make is that they set goals without taking the necessary action to achieve them and this will definitely end up with the person not achieving such goals.

We usually set goals in almost every area of our lives such as in our academics, career and even in relationships but another fact is that some people set goals but do not achieve them due to lack of focus.

Being focused is the most important way to achieving your goals as you cannot be distracted nor derailed while focused on actualizing your goals and dreams.

In conclusion:- people will want to distract you from achieving your goals by telling you it’s impossible but i want you to know that no matter how “big” your goals are, it can be achieved as long as you are focused and you take the necessary action towards achieving it.

Thanks for reading.

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