Some people pretend to be someone they are not because they are scared that people will not like them for who they really are.

Some people have great ideas but they are scared to express their ideas because of criticisms from people and even if they express such ideas, they would be discouraged because people will tell them that it is impossible to bring such great ideas into reality.

Being yourself is an healthy way of living because you are slowly killing yourself by pretending to be someone you are not.

Pretending to be someone you are not will not attract the right people into your life as you will have many fake friends pretending to love and care about you.

Doing the things that do not make you happy because you want to please people is dangerous and won’t make you a happy person, you’ve got a great idea, work on it no matter what people say, you have no idea about the big accomplishment you can make by expressing your ideas despite people’s criticism. So stop being afraid of people and be yourself because to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you someone else is the greatest accomplishment.

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