We all have dreams and goals we want to fulfill. Sometimes or may i say most times in the cause of fulfilling our dreams or actualizing our goals get ridiculed by people.

I have seen people who on their way of fulfilling their dreams were derailed by people. People told them it would be impossible to fulfill it, loved ones were not in support, people thought that they were insane for having such goals and passion and even when they were still bent on actualizing that goal, people would gossip behind their back and see them as a bad and wicked person. Such is life.

I have seen students following their parents dreams and goals and not their own just because they want to please them and it all ends in regret and an unfulfilled ambition. People get married to the wrong person because people told them they would be good together and instead of following their heart, they decide to please people which is a very dangerous thing to do.

Some people may have a good motive, others bad by making you to see reasons why you should not follow your dreams and goals but i am telling you that no matter the motive, follow your heart, stop trying to please people. They don’t see what you see, they don’t know your heart better than you.

Live your life, let others live theirs. What you do is none of their business. Don’t let anybody control your life. You are in charge. Pursue your dreams and passion, actualize your goals and show people that you are the best you can ever be.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Anthonia,

    Men and women get married to the wrong people because it’s what seems familiar to them.

    Here one video from School of Life that I love how they explain it.

    Have one wonderful weekend.



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