Having friends is necessary in a person’s life. No matter how reserved we are, we always have that one person we call friend, someone who share the same opinion with us. It is a popular saying that the friends you have will either make or mar you. The kind of friend you have will have an effect in your life either positively or negatively.

There are two types of friends, we have the good friend (the one that’s got your back) and the bad friends ( betrayers, back stabbers). The type you have is not by chance, it was your decision, only you can determine the type of people you want in your life.

I know that everyone of us desires good friends, friends that will support you no matter what. Many of us already have in mind the kind of characters we want in a friend such as honesty, determination, kindness, courageous and so on but my advice is that be the type of friend you want to have. If you want a friend that is kind, you must be kind, if you want a friend that is honest, you have to be honest yourself because you will always attract your type.

Science says that like and like repel while like and unlike attracts but when it comes to real life like and like attracts so have the characters you want in a friend and the right people will definitely be attracted to you.

Another advice is that you should choose your friend, don’t let them choose you. Study a person’s character to discern between a friend that will influence your life positively and the one that will influence your life negatively.

Thanks for reading.

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