A lady needed a job, one day she came across a company that was hiring. The job was nice, the pay wonderful, in order words, the job could change her life for the better.

On the day of the interview, there were about fifty people applying for the same position. She was afraid when she saw that the people were better dressed and also seemed more qualified than her. Different thoughts clouded her mind, “what if I don’t get the job? What if the interviewer do not like me?”. She felt like leaving but on a second thought, she decided to try her luck. She prayed silently and waited for her turn to be interviewed.

When it was her turn, she went into the office and greeted the woman who was to interview her. The woman looked at her dressing and then asked for her documents and CV. She gave it to the woman who looked at it and looking back at the lady said, you are really good but I’m sorry you can’t have this job, the people before you are better qualified. The lady went on her knees and asked the woman to give her any job even if it is cleaning or running errands. She had her parents to feed and take care of and she also had to pay rent.

I’m sorry but there is no other vacancy, the woman was about to say when she saw the lady’s last name and was shocked.

Are you the daughter of Lilian and Mike Bellantly? The woman asked.

Yes. The lady replied but how did you know my parents name? She further asked confused.

The woman hugged the lady and told her how poor she was in her younger days and how the lady’s parents helped her in her time of need. Her parents always showed her kindness even when she had no one by her side. The lady was given the job on the spot.

What is this story teaching us?

We should be kind to anyone and everyone. Who knows where we will find ourselves in the future. We may not benefit from the kindness but our children will. If the parents of the lady were not kind and loving, she wouldn’t have gotten the job. In any place you find yourself, someone is either speaking for or against you, so, build a good character and always remember to show kindness.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I needed this so much. I appreciate your efforts to spread amazing messages across through blogging. God bless your sole. Please don’t stop. You have no idea the impact I had reading your work today. Keep up the wonderful work❤❤❤❤

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