A particular group of people were assigned to take a furniture into a room and to also make sure it fits perfectly with the other furniture and decorations. On getting to the room, the guys tried different methods to get the furniture to fit but the furniture just wasn’t fitting into any space.

A particular girl in the group saw a space and reasoned that the furniture could definitely fit in there, she told the other guys about her idea but they laughed at her, one called her idea ridiculous, another said her thinking faculty was low and another said, ” it is only in your dreams that this furniture would fit in such a small space “. The girl looked at the space and back at the furniture and told the guys that she was sure of what she was saying if only they could just try it out. She kept on trying to convince them but when she saw that they didn’t heed her, she gave up.

After about an extra fifteen minutes of struggling with the furniture, the frustrated guys decided to try out the girl’s idea, lo and behold, it fitted perfectly.

What am I trying to bring out of this story?

You may have had an idea or a solution to a problem that people thought was ridiculous, people may have discouraged you. You may have given up just like the girl because you cared more about what people said. I am telling you today to never give up and stand for what you believe in. Your “foolish idea” could turn out to be a great idea that could change the world and take you higher. The guys were looking at the problem but the girl was looking at the solution. People may discourage you, they may tell you that it is impossible because they don’t see what you see.

You don’t need people’s approval on your idea, you don’t need people’s approval on your dreams and goals, they are yours so run with it and work on it and if you are consistent and patient enough, you will be thankful that you never gave up.

Thanks for reading.

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