When an environment is well taken care of by not littering, proper cleaning of the roads and gutters and by abiding by the rules and regulations, the environment becomes beautiful that even people from other parts of the world comes to appreciate its beauty but when an environment is not well taken care of, that environment becomes filthy and stinky and I’m sure that people will not want to go near such environment. The same goes to the mind.

The mind is a beautiful environment but sadly some people corrupt the beauty of their mind by filling it with trash. The trash I am talking about are negative thoughts, fear, negative contents either watched or read such as pornography and books that do not influence a person’s life positively. Some people wonder why they are miserable and not moving forward in life but they fail to realize that if you fill your mind with trash, you are going to talk trash and definitely see trash.

When a mind is clothe with positive thoughts, immunized against fear, nurtured on the words of wisdom and protected from harmful contents, that mind becomes more and more beautiful every single day and people will come from different parts of the world to celebrate its beauty because the person with such a mind will definitely make a difference and be successful.

People do not celebrate a person with a dirty mind but a person with a beautiful mind so guard your beautiful mind from trash and you will see that you can achieve more than you can ever imagine.

10 thoughts on “THE BEAUTY OF THE MIND.

  1. So true, our minds are the holy temples we must protect and indubitably, feed the right information! Meditation definitely helps clear the mind! Lovely post, would love to know what you think about my site!

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