When you buy a college hoodie, t-shirt or a face cap, they become very special to you, you won’t want it getting stained, you definitely won’t want anybody messing with it, anytime you want to keep it away, it will always be tucked neatly.

What makes them so special?
A college hoodie is just like any other normal hoodie, it is made with the same raw material as the normal one but what makes it special is the name or logo of the college inscribed on it.
The same goes to us, we are all different, special and unique in our own way. There is something that distinguish you from others that people just can’t fail to notice and appreciate. It may be your gift, talent, smile or any other thing you have to offer the world. Whatever it is, hold it precious.

Your talent, gift or anything you find joy doing should not be traded with or taken for granted because those are the things that make you unique and also set you apart from others.

Thanks for reading.

16 thoughts on “THE UNIQUE YOU.

  1. Am getting blessed as I read through your blogs. Have been visiting different sites published by different people, and true to your words, we are different and unique. A quick one about you is that ” you are always short, on point and precise” touching on our daily livelihoods. I love your post.


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