When we usually hear the saying ” It is good to give out to the needy”, what usually comes to our mind is giving out money. Yes, giving money to the needy is good and essential but do you know what else you can give to the needy apart from money? Your smile, which sometimes means more than money. Many people are so in need of it but only few people express it. Yes, anybody could just be in need of a smile. I mean anybody.

Your smile could mean a lot to a person, a lot more than you think. Your smile could heal the broken hearted, erase negativity from a person’s mind, make a person feel good about his/herself, it could even make a person happy and joyful. A smile is that powerful. You can also benefit from your smile because smiling makes a person look younger than his/her age.

So, wherever you go, make sure to always smile, you just might not know who is in need of it.

Thanks for reading.

15 thoughts on “GIVING VIA SMILING.

  1. Lovely post. A meaningful smile can make a big difference to the other. When some one is in grief a warm smile will provide succor. On being congratulated a happy smile will be a natural acknowledgment
    Thank you Anthonia πŸ‘πŸ˜€

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