One day, my father was trying to fix a fault in the house, I decided to make his food so that when he was done, he would come to eat. I put the pot of food on the gas cooker and told myself that it would be ready in the next ten minutes. I went to the living room to watch TV for the mean time, I was so engrossed in what was being shown that I forgot my Father’s food.

Some minutes later, I was brought back to reality by the smell of something burning, you can imagine how I raced to the kitchen and on getting there, the food was burnt. I panicked, ingredients wasted, money wasted and I was in trouble. I was angry with myself, like seriously, who asked me to go and watch TV, the show should have been boring but there was nothing I could do, the deed had already been done. I was distracted.

Distraction can make you to lose your focus in life. Why is it easier to go down a hill than to climb it? Some people on their way to achieving their dreams and goals go through some hard experiences and when they are so close to achieving it comes across some sort of distraction in the form of pleasure or comfort and this kind of distraction that looks like a little thing can bring a person down with a big pull.

To fulfill your goals and dreams, you need to stay focused, so refuse to be distracted, discipline your mind and body and always put your trust in God to guide you through every difficulty and distraction that may come your way for they will surely come.

Thanks for reading.


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