There are some times when we think that some people are better or more successful than us. Some of this people may be our close friends, colleagues and even relatives. Sometimes, we tend to wonder why they seem more lucky or why things seems easier for them but that’s not a good way of thinking because everyone’s time is different.

Some of us lose our self esteem, we look down on ourselves, many times we even compare ourselves with the more successful person. If you put your mind on why you are not as successful as the other person, you will lose your focus in life, your dreams and goals will seem impossible, fear will then set in, you may even become jealous or envious without even realizing it which wouldn’t yield good results for you.

Let me tell you this, everybody’s time is different, when somebody is successful, celebrate that person so that people will also celebrate you when it’s your time. Never manipulate because success gotten from manipulation do not last long. Be patient and wait for your time.

Your time is different from that of another person. Your success will be better than the person whose life seems to be doing better than yours but that is only if you are focused on your dreams and goals, never giving up. Your time will definitely come, you just have to be patient.

Thanks for reading.

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