To achieve our dreams and goals, we need to have what is called motivation. Motivation is the enthusiasm for doing something. Many individuals claim to be motivated by family members, books they read and so on but there is a particular source of motivation that people pay little or no attention to. Everybody comes across it at some point in their lives but not everyone has the courage to face it. This source of motivation is called challenges.

A challenge is a driving force that can move you forward, backward or leave you stationary. Challenges can be a decision maker : to be the best person you can ever be or to let circumstances control your life.

If you study the lives of successful people, you will notice that they were faced with challenges at some point in their lives. This challenges made them to dream big dream and also to keep pressing on even when the odds were against them. In other words, their challenges motivated them. They were not brought down by their challenges but they went beyond their challenges.

One thing I always tell myself is that the challenges I face can never stop me from getting to the glorious future God has prepared for me. You can only go as far as your eyes can see. The way you look at the challenges that comes your way matters, you either look at it as a stepping stone or as a defeat. The choice is yours.

Thanks for reading.


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