Have you ever been to an event and somebody dressed so elegant, classy and differently from others entered? You can guess what happens next – All eyes on the person.

Now, one thing happens, everyone’s focus in the event would be diverted to that person, so, no matter what you were doing before, you would leave it just to have a glimpse of the person. There is something that makes you standout as an individual that people cannot just help but stare at you and say “wow” and that is your talent, gifts and everything that makes you YOU. Dresses can be removed, it can be replaced and it can be copied but your gifts and talents can never be removed, replaced or copied because it is unique and you are unique. My question to you is, Are you developing your gifts and talents?

Look, your gifts and talents will always be in you but if you don’t work on it, you will never stand out. God has given you beautiful gifts waiting to be manifested so, what are you waiting for? The world is waiting for you to shine.

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