I had this blockmate ( we live in the same block in the hostel) who came to take something from me, she promised me that she would give me a new one the next day, so, I gave her and she went her way. The next day, I asked her for the thing and she told me that she would give me before the day ended, three days later, I asked her again, can you guess her answer? She told me that she has forgotten about it and she will give me that day, okay, one week gone, two weeks and she finally bought it and gave it to me. One of my roommates had already complained about the girl, she told me that she doesn’t like giving the girl anything because a similar thing has happened to her. I was so amazed.

What am I trying to bring out of this story? This blockmate lacks integrity and if she asks me for anything again, I wouldn’t give her even though that thing is in my hand. I can never recommend her to anyone, in other words, she has made a bad name for herself.

Having integrity goes a long way in a person’s life, people can never speak ill of a person with integrity. People with integrity are always respected and opportunities are always attracted to them. Now, there was this other blockmate I gave something to, she told me she would give me another one the next day and true to her word, she came the next day to give me but I didn’t collect it, I told her not to bother because I was impressed by her integrity. People with integrity are never stranded because people will always show up to help them.

Always have integrity, never make a promise you can’t fulfill, your life must be that whenever your name is mentioned, people will speak for you and not against you. Never play with your integrity and the sky will be your limit.

Thanks for reading.

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