The christmas season is not only about having fun and opening presents, it is also about making people happy and one way to make people happy is by showing them gratitude. If you don’t know who to show gratitude to, your girl is here to help you. Are you ready?

Your family members are the no 1 people to show gratitude to especially for their support and contribution towards your wellbeing. Tell them thank you, make each and everyone of them feel special.

Your friends are the no 2 people to show gratitude to, you may be thinking, “I have so many friends” but let me tell you, there is nothing like many friends, your friends are few. Look into your life, who are those people that stood with you through thick and thin, those people that motivated you, believed in you when others didn’t, these people are your true friends and they are not many, did I lie? All other friends are mere passersby. Show this wonderful people gratitude, they deserve it, let them know how much they mean in your life.

Your teachers be it school teachers, teachers in your Church or Fellowship, personal tutors, coach are the no 3 people to show gratitude to, they have built, mentored and molded you to who you are today. They also need to be shown gratitude, don’t take their work and sacrifice in your life for granted.

Do not let this year end without showing this wonderful people gratitude and always remember that making other people happy will also make you happy.

Thanks for reading and God bless.


  1. Wonderful post! What a great way to celebrate this joyous season with gratitude for the special people in our lives. Thank you for sharing! And I’m grateful for you making me SMILE, sending smiles your way too! 😀❤️

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