When people around us or close to us become successful in a field or seem to be doing better than us in life, we usually have this feeling of jealousy and many times we wish we were in their shoes or better still could get to their level. Well, it’s totally natural to feel that way but we must not let this feeling to becloud our vision and sense of purpose. If you focus too much on their success and wonder why things are not working for you as it does for them, jealousy will creep in and where there is jealousy, there is bitterness and low self-esteem and where there is low self-esteem, you lack the courage and confidence to go after your dreams and goals.

Celebrate other people’s success, be genuinely happy for them, you can also learn from them, you also need to know that your own success is on the way and it’s going to be hotter and bigger than you have ever imagined but to be successful, you have to take actions towards achieving your goals and dreams, be prayerful and you also have to be patient because there are times you won’t get good results, they are times you will feel down but you need to keep pressing on. Do not grow weary, put your trust in God and you will make it. Your success will be loud, you are going to shine and people will celebrate you. BE PATIENT!

Thanks for reading and God bless you.

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