When making French fries, the potato after it is peeled and cut to the desired size is soft and not pleasant for eating. After being sprinkled with salt, pepper and other seasonings, it is deep fried in hot oil at a high temperature. When it is done, you will notice that the fries are hard, golden and pleasant to eat.
When you want to bake a cake, you mix different ingredients together such as egg, sugar, milk to form a batter. This batter looks slightly syrupy or liquidish. It looks useless but when put in the oven at a high temperature, it comes out beautiful, risen, scenting and appetizing.

What am I trying to bring out of all these?
We all go through difficulties and challenges in our journey in life but it is this difficulty and challenges that make us. Many people remain on the same spot in life because they do not face difficulties and challenges head on. They are scared of it and that’s why they are not scenting, that’s why they are not golden but this shouldn’t be your case.

Now, you have been sprinkled with knowledge, seasoned with self confidence, you have been mixed and battered with your faith in God knowing that he will see you through every difficulty and challenges and you are going to come out of the fire, you are going to come out of that boiling oil victorious, stronger, pleasant, appealing in the eyes of people. You are going to come out unstoppable, you are going to come out golden and a wonder to your world. Never let difficulties and challenges steal your smile, never let it to put you down, it’s only temporary.

Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning (psalm 30:5).
Always remember to never give up. Be unstoppable.

Thanks for reading and God bless you.

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