When it comes to achieving your goals and dreams, a very important factor to consider is the kind of friends you keep. Your friend can either make or mar you but who is a friend?
A friend is someone who motivates you, someone who wants to see you succeed, someone who is not jealous of your progress, someone who tells you the truth even though it hurts. In other words, a friend is someone that influences your life positively. Anyone other than that is not a friend.

Be wary of a friend that is saying B when you are saying A. Many people’s dreams have been aborted because of their friends, their friends talked them out of it. They think they have a friend but they have an enemy of progress. I need you to understand how important a friend can be to a person’s life. This topic is crucial.

I am a very friendly person, if you see me in the midst of people, you will think that I am friends with everyone. The fact that I call the people I am associated with my friends ( which is a normal thing to do) doesn’t make them my friends. I have come to recognize my true friends and they are not many, in fact, they are very few. These are people that are heading somewhere great in life, people that fear God, people who not only have dreams but are focused on achieving it.

I want you to look at the people around you and recognize your friends. True friends are never many but always few. If you can’t recognize a friend in those people, that’s okay, leave their company and develop and exhibit the character you want in a friend and that friend will be attracted to you.

Another thing to consider is that some people appear good and wonderful outwardly but inwardly they are filthy, potential betrayers and robbers of happiness but you won’t know that. Only God knows the heart of men and that is why I always pray to God to help me in selecting my friends and God always answer my prayers as it is evident in my life the kind of friends I keep. You too can do the same.

To achieve your goals and dreams and be successful, you need people not just people but the right people.
It is your time to shine.

Thanks for reading and God bless you.


  1. This is so true! I only have a small handful of true really close friends that we can confide with, and I know will support me with advice but caring, loving opinions. Thanks for sharing! Always! ❤️ ~D

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