To live and stay healthy, we nourish our body with good food, we eat fruits and drink a lot of water but what happens when a person’s body is malnourished? That person tends to fall sick and if not properly taken of may lead to death.

The mind can be likened to a body that needs to be nourished everyday. A person with a malnourished mind lives constantly in fear, runs away from problems, he is not a great thinker, in fact, he is not a thinker at all, he doesn’t have any reason for living, he knows he is living but he doesn’t have any purpose for living, so, in other words, he can be said to be a walking corpse.

I’m sure that nobody wants to have a malnourished mind so I am going to share with you great people a way to feed your mind with the proper nutrients and that is through reading books written by people with proofs. When I say people with proofs, I mean people that have gotten to that great height you so desire, I’m talking about successful people, people that have paved the way for their generation and the generation to come. Reading their books not only sharpens your mind but also makes you thread in their footsteps which will eventually make you more successful than them ( A student must be better than his teacher). This way of nourishing the mind works, I am a living testimony of it. I read books written by Brian Tracy, Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor Paul Enenche, Dr Myles Munroe, Dr Sam Adeyemi, Dr Ben Carson. I read books everyday and my mind is always alert and healthy and I can boldly say that I am not the same person I was yesterday.

Do not feed your mind with things that won’t benefit you, do not pollute that beautiful place called the mind. Always remember that you are what you eat which I also translate to whatever you think in your mind is what you are (proverbs 23:7). I would like to end this post with this question – What are you feeding your mind?

Thanks for reading and God bless you.


  1. Girl, I am so guilty here. I feed my mind with thoughts and worries most of the time. Academics come later because of mental stress and all that ‘family drama’.

    Looking at the examples of people you gave, I think I should open a different slate and start over. Maybe, just maybe, I will be better than I was yesterday.

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