Looking at the injustice and partiality being done in nations, communities and organizations, I wonder what the world has become. I have seen people being oppressed by other people having some sought of authority, they make things hard for their fellow humans because they want to prove that they are in charge but God didn’t command people to have dominion over other people. People are meant to help one another but that is not what is happening in many parts of the world today.

I always tell myself that no matter the height I attain in life, I will never let people suffer, I will make them feel loved and most importantly, I will make them know that God loves them even more. I want this to also be the mindset of someone reading this post. We need to work together to make this world a better place and not a place of people living in fear and God will help us.

Thanks for reading and God bless you.

7 thoughts on “OUR WORLD OF TODAY.

  1. Speaking for Nigeria, things are going so wrong. People no longer have conscience and they do things without thinking.

    I feel sad when I see the minority always pushed aside because they have no voice.

    Such a sad thing we face.

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