Dear Anthonia,

I know that at the time of reading this letter, you would have become a big lady achieving your goals and dreams and becoming the person God has created you to be.

Writing this letter as a teenager, I had peeped into the future and I told myself that I am going to be great, I am going to be a person that people and nations will look up to. I am very sure that all the prayers I prayed and the seeds I sowed as a teenager concerning my life and destiny are manifesting and bringing forth fruit in your life right now. All Glory be to God.

I advice that as you keep getting older, continue to put God first in all you do, never make any decision without seeking God first. Never look down on people, always help them whichever way you can, no matter the height or level you attain in life, remain humble because God resists and despises the proud. Everything you have been doing that has brought you this far, be it reading books, praying and seeking the face of God on every issue, never stop doing them if you don’t want to go down.

In conclusion, always be you, never stop chasing after your goals and dreams. If people like, let them call you crazy, all you have to do is show them crazy in capital letters. Never mind what people say, you never know who you are inspiring. Never stop doing the right things and God will be with you.

Thanks for reading and God bless you.

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