The wellbeing of your body is very important, the earlier you realize this, the more you will be conscious of what you eat.
We all have this craving for junks, it is okay to eat junks but what is not okay is taking too much of it and using it as a replacement to healthy food in your diet.
What is the use of maintaining an unhealthy diet if all it brings is pains, surgeries or even death.
Maintaining an healthy diet by eating fruits, vegetables and drinking a lot of water is not hard as some people make it seem but a way of showing that you love yourself.

It takes discipline to eat healthy and you should strive to have this discipline and your body will have no choice but to thank you.

Thanks for reading and God bless you.


  1. Am not really healthy eater but I try by all means to drink water and a lot of greenies.
    I try😁😁..I wish there was no cake on earth or anything sweet because wow…but you are right.. it takes discipline to overcome cravings

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