If you are going after your dreams and goals and you feel like giving up or you feel that you have been drained of strength to go on, just imagine how great the future will be if you don’t give up and how dejected it will be if you give up. This will definitely keep you going.

You never can tell how close you are to fulfilling your goals and dreams. I want you to know that you are closer than you think.

Thanks for reading and God bless you.

17 thoughts on “JUST IMAGINE.

      1. Thank you for asking Anthonia! My family is doing great, my work is also as I’m so happy I found a day shift position and am loving the job and the hours. I’ve been struggling a bit with my friendships, well, with one particular friend. We’ve worked things out but she’s hurt my feelings throughout this last year and then I decided to tell her and then I proceeded to hurt her feelings. We’ve been life long friends, since grade school. So I know we will remain friends as we struggle through this patch of misunderstandings.
        Life is always changing and evolving, I am trying to let bygones be bygones and learn from my mistakes. I thought I would share with you since you write such heartfelt blogs. I hope you are doing good? You are so sweet and I’m feeling so blessed with our friendship! ❤️❤️❤️

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      2. I am so glad to know you are doing well and happy new month. Communication is very necessary when it comes to relationships including friendship. You need to communicate your feelings to your friend and perhaps your friend too will feel touch and also communicate her feelings and you two can patch things up but if she refuses to work things out or she stills hurts you then you can stop being friends with her because you have done your best. It won’t be easy but life must go on. I do hope you two will be able to patch up your friendship and forgive each other of every misunderstanding. Have a wonderful month, have fun and enjoy yourself. I really hope we meet one day.

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      3. Thank you so much and I think you are correct. Communication can be difficult sometimes but is so important. We will continue to work on this and hopefully our friendship will grow and get better. I feel like it’s healing slowly. I hope you have a wonderful month too! I can’t believe it’s May! Someday it would be grand to meet you, but certainly am grateful we have met here. You have such a huge heart!! ❤️

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