Sometime ago, while I was observing my quiet time, I thought about two things and God gave me the ways to avoid them which I will be sharing with you. The first thing I thought of which many people are victims of is that when they are so close to achieving their goals and dreams, they give up. For example, let’s consider a person who is going after his dreams and goals and then one day he feels that he can’t go on, it’s never going to work out, it’s impossible, I have tried my best but my goals and dreams seem farther away but in reality, he would have gotten his breakthrough the next hour or the next day and because he gave up before that time, he missed his reward. This has led to depression and suicide and the way to avoid it is to never give up and maintain focus and as I said in my last post ” you are closer (to achieving your goals and dreams) than you think”.

The second thought was that some people after fulfilling their goals and dreams lose everything and end up in square 1 so to speak due to a character flaw. Now, imagine a business man whose goal and dream is to be one of the best business men in the world and he achieved it but along the line he committed fraud and he lost everything like a man building a house and all of a sudden the house collapsed meaning that all the materials, the efforts, the sacrifices was a waste. This man either begins again or abandon the house. The way to avoid this is to avoid pride and you know that pride comes before a fall. I know that humans are vulnerable to pride, we have all been victims in one way or the other but it can be avoided. Let me share with you the way I avoid pride. I avoid pride by remembering proverbs 3:34 which says that God despises the proud and I can’t afford for God to despise me as it will be very dangerous to my life and destiny and I’m sure this can also work for someone who is struggling with pride.

In conclusion, always remember to never give up and avoid pride so you don’t end up like the examples above.

Thanks for reading and God bless you.

2 thoughts on “THEY CAN BE AVOIDED.

  1. Absolutely true
    Character is the most important factor especially if you want to maintain success.
    To whom much is given much is recquired

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