One thing that brings joy to a person’s heart is giving. Imagine someone that has a particular sum of money and his neighbor or friend comes to ask for just 5% of it perhaps for an emergency or to feed his family and that person starts giving all manner of excuses on why he can’t give the money and the neighbor or friend goes away and thirty minutes later, that same man is seen in a fancy restaurant spending all the money on expensive food, that is wickedness.

If you check the lives of people like this, you will notice that despite the amount of money they have, they live in depression. I have noticed that the happiest people in the world are givers even the bible says that it is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35) so, if you love joy, peace and happiness, you will also love to give. You may be saying ” I don’t have much to give, my pocket money doesn’t even satisfy me.” There is something my mentor Bishop David Oyedepo once said about giving that registered in my heart, he said “start from where you are.” It means that from your little give out. He that gives to the poor lends to God (proverbs 19:17). You can’t lend to God and he won’t pay you back and he won’t just pay you back, he will pay you back with interest beyond your wildest imagination.

In conclusion, remember to always give, it is one of the keys to joy and happiness. It is so wonderful when someone smiles because of you, spread some happiness, never shut your eyes to the needy around you because givers never lacks.

Thanks for reading and God bless you.


  1. I don’t like masks because it’s hard to see those smiles!! But I know the masks are important and we have to wear them at work at all times. But this is a great post, there’s always something to give, it could be a compliment, or even a smile! ❤️

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