Have you noticed that anytime you are about to fulfill any goal or dream, two voices tend to speak in your mind which are the voice of doubt and the voice of faith but the voice of doubt always seem to overpower the voice of faith in many people because that is the voice they have chosen to listen to sadly speaking. Doubt always precedes fear such as fear of failure, fear of the unknown and so on and that is why most people do not achieve their goals and dreams.

The differences between fear and faith are;
– Fear says you cannot do it while faith says just take a step.
– Fear says people will oppose your dreams while faith says you don’t need people, all you need is God.

This is what fear does: Fear always hinder progress and until you see fear as an enemy of your progress, you are not going far in life.
Which voice will you listen to? The voice of doubt or the voice of faith?
Don’t join the majority to listen to the voice of doubt, choose the voice of faith today. Be daring because winners are always daring.

Thanks for reading and God bless you.

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