How powerful a choice can be!
Imagine a man insulted by his co-worker because he was about to execute a project which the co-worker found impossible and risky to do and the man due to the treatment he received from his colleague wore a long face throughout the day and totally forgot about the project he was supposed to execute and when he got home and his wife asked about his day, he poured out everything he had bottled up about his co-worker’s remark for about thirty minutes and when it was time to go to bed four hours later, he began to speak about his co-worker and his hurtful words in the office earlier.

What am I trying to bring out of this story?
The man had a choice to either execute his project or let his co-worker ruin his day and distract him but sadly he chose the latter, perhaps he would have been executing his promotion if he had executed his seemingly impossible project.
When you are fulfilling your goals and dreams, you will be insulted and mocked by people, you can’t escape it but you have a choice to make either to focus on your dreams and goals or focus on what people are saying but keep it in mind that if you focus on people, then you will be saying bye to your goals and dreams just like the man in the story.

Never let people to control your emotions, I want you to know that some people will want to piss you off especially when you are moving forward in life and they aren’t, so you have a choice to make either to listen to people’s ranting or focus on your dreams and goals. Choose wisely.

Twisted will be out on Amazon soon.
Hope you are anticipating?
Hope you will get your copy?

Thanks for reading and God bless you.

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