Be careful of the people you associate with. To achieve your goals and dreams you need friends, believe it or not you can’t do without them but they are two types of friends and they are friends of construction and friends of destruction.

Those friends that tell you the truth even though they know it might hurt you, those friends that correct you when you do anything wrong, those friends that want to see you succeed are friends of construction building you up and helping you to achieve your goals and dreams but those friends that ridicule you, give you bad advice, criticize you, don’t believe in you, pull you backwards are friends of destruction, do away with them, you don’t deserve them.

Never manage friendship, cut off every friendship you are not comfortable with, you just have to do it to save yourself.
Finally, choose your friends and don’t let them choose you and choose wisely. Be the kind of friend you want to attract because you will always be attracted to your kind. Be a friend of construction and not of destruction.

Thanks for reading and God bless you.


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