Many times, when great people are asked what drives them to do what they do to succeed, their reply mostly is ‘passion’. But, why passion? Why is passion so important? Why must one be passionate? You may ask. The answers are thus;
Passion creates leaders, it creates high flyers.
Passion ignites the gifts and potentials in people.
A passionate person is a winner.
A passionate person is a fighter, he doesn’t give up easily.
Only a passionate person can achieve his goals and dreams.
You can only succeed at what you are passionate about.

Many of you reading this post are passionate about writing and that is why people in one way or the other appreciate you for it. If a person writes but is not passionate about writing, he won’t be appreciated because his writing will be affected badly by his lack of passion. What compels people to you is not what you do but your passion in doing what you do. So, never do things you are not passionate about, only do the things you are driven to do by passion. Your energy should be channeled in whatever that gives you passion. Be a person filled with passion and the sky will be your limit.

Thanks for reading and God bless you.


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