One of the reasons why many people are not moving forward in life is because they leave their lives to chance. They fail to realize that anybody that leaves their lives to chance will always lose big time. Your advancing in life depends solely on you. The choices you make and the steps you take shapes you and your future.

I want you to know that as much as your progress is important to you, it is also important to your family, community and even nation but you won’t make progress and advance in life until you make a decision to do so. I want you to sit down and access your life. Where were you last year, last month, last week, yesterday and where are you now? If your life is still the same, then you’ve got some serious work to do. What are the things you ought to do to make you progress and why haven’t you been doing it? You can start progressing by answering these questions. No more wasting of time! Make up your mind to do everything and anything to make progress. Learn new skills, set new goals, read books, develop your gifts and talents. It doesn’t matter the pace at which you are moving, just make sure you are making progress. I have said this and I will continue to say this- This generation and generations to come are counting on you. Don’t fail them.

Thanks for reading and God bless you.


  1. The start of your post reminded me of this quote I like, “Chance is a fool’s game.” It supports your point of taking as much responsibility as we can for our future and making a change!

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