Many people do not succeed in life not because they don’t think or have dreams but because they make excuses to why they can’t act on their ideas and fulfill their dreams. These people prefer to look at the circumstances around them instead of the better and brighter future ahead of them. I want you to know that making excuses is a choice. You have the power to create what you want to see in life. You and only you is responsible for your life and destiny. You can be anything you want to be only if you make the decision to see challenges and failures as a motivator to move forward and to press on in achieving your goals and dreams.

Making excuses is like carrying a hot pot from the cooker to the kitchen counter by holding the handle with your bare hands, you think it’s easy to do perhaps because you’ve seen your mum do it effortlessly and so you decide to give it a try only to pay dearly for that action. Excuses are easy to make but at the end it hurts, it destroys and it delays success and trust me, you can’t afford to experience any of these.

What a shame it would be to see someone doing what you dreamt of doing. What a shame it would be to see someone acting on the idea you once thought of all because you made excuses on how and why you can’t do it. You blame your circumstances, challenges and past failures. Many people have gone through worst situations and still made it in life. I want you to know that if God gives you an idea and you fail to act on it, he will take it away from you and give it to somebody more capable, someone that doesn’t give room for excuses. So, stop making excuses. Strive to become a better you, do everything and anything to fulfill your goals and dreams, never give up. You are closer to your success than you think.

Thanks for reading and God bless you.

6 thoughts on “NO ROOM FOR EXCUSES.

  1. Third post I’m seeing today talking about excuses and going after your dreams. Must be a sign for me to get up and going.

    I do usually think about how awful I’d feel if I saw someone doing the same things I’ve been pondering on for months or years even and it makes me get up and start working. Consistency is just my problem but hopefully I’ll learn to tackle it.

    Thanks for sharing.

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