Do you know that there is only one YOU?
You were specially and consciously designed by God with qualities and potentials to enable you to make a difference in the world. He made you with qualities that makes you stand out. Did you know that? If not, now you do and I hope you understand that you would be doing yourself a great deal of wrong and hurt if you try to be like somebody else.

In view of this, please permit me to give you some advice- Stop comparing yourself with others, stop trying to be like somebody else. The moment you start trying to be somebody else is the moment you become a disappointment to yourself and generation. Cut off from anyone that makes you think little of yourself. Be associated with only those that appreciate you and your potentials. You don’t need peoples approval to be great, you don’t need to change yourself to make something out of your life. You can do great things just by being yourself. Success only comes to those who strive to become a better version of themselves. So, be different, be unique, love yourself, be the best version of you. You are an original, do not be a fake, do not be a counterfeit of someone else. Be yourself!

Thanks for reading and God bless you.

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