Apart from eating a lot of fruits, drinking lots of water and exercising regularly, there is another way of keeping yourself healthy which is not usually talked about or recognized in the concept of health and that way is by being joyful.

One of the best healthy choices you will ever make is to be joyful. Joy keeps the heart healthy, it gives unusual strength to a person thereby making him to carry out his day to day activities with so much ease, it makes one to look younger than his/her age due to their constant, attractive and contagious smile. That’s how important joy is to the health of a person but it’s not enough to make the choice to be joyful, you also need to make a choice to remain joyful and how can you do that?
Never murmur, don’t be a complainer, do the things you are passionate about, avoid bitterness, envy and strife towards others (It will only harm you and not the other person), avoid people that makes you see life in the negative way, by all means avoid comparison(It is a thief of joy) and finally love yourself.

Make this healthy choice today and your life will never be the same. Always remember, healthy people are joyful people and joyful people are healthy people.

Thanks for reading and God bless you.

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