Many times, we see that when someone does something wrong, he gives excuses such as  “That’s my weakness, I always try to subdue it but it keeps overpowering me” or “That’s my weak point.”
Weakness in people may be getting angry easily, getting too emotional when things doesn’t go your way, it could be pride, it could be saying harsh words or lashing out at people when you encounter failure or rejection. In other words, what I’m trying to say is that your weakness is your enemy that must be destroyed before it destroys you. Your weakness can make you vulnerable to sorrow, regret and low self-esteem but the good news is that you can overcome your weakness, you can destroy it with the right weapons which are;

1) Recognize your weakness. You can’t target an enemy you are not aware of.
2) See your weakness as your enemy. Naturally, a soldier never gives in to the demands of his enemy so you can’t give in to your weakness when you’ve spotted it as your enemy.
3) Make yourself accountable to someone(Parents, friends, mentors, leaders). These people can watch and tell you when and where you get things wrong and put you in the right path to progress with their love and advice.

Now that you are aware of the weapons to defeating your weakness, start making good use of it immediately. The earlier, the better. Avoid being a victim to your weakness and you will soar high and win in life.

Thanks for reading and God bless you.


  1. Super great advice, Anthonia! I think a weakness of mine is being too sensitive sometimes. I mean, it’s good to be sensitive in caring about people, but sometimes I’m maybe overthinking or worrying and I let my feelings get hurt when I shouldn’t. My sister says I’ve gotten better about that. 🙂

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