There is a seed of greatness inside you but that seed won’t germinate and yield fruits unless you rub your mind with that of great people. I’m talking of people who have the results you so desire to have, people who have crossed the hurdles of life, people who have passed through the fire but were not burned (They never gave up) and what better way to rub minds with them than to read their books?
I want you to know that these people are doing you a huge favor by writing books to make your journey in life easier and smoother in that you do not make the mistakes they made, you avoid what they would or could have avoided. In other words, you do and become better than them. These great authors do not write to gain anything. You may say that they gain money from the sale of their books but in reality, you are the one at advantage because you become greater and richer than them just by reading their books and putting to work what you’ve learnt.

Personally, I can testify to how reading books written by great people have shaped my life. I have read books to enhance my spiritual growth, improve my finances, help me become a better individual and books to help me fulfill purpose and destiny in general and honestly, ever since I started reading these books, my thinking and reasoning changed for the better, the way I speak and walk reflects it. That’s how powerful books are. Many times I wish I had read these books earlier because if I had, I would be better off in life than where I am now. It’s true when people say ‘the earlier the better’ but it’s never too late to make a change now.

In conclusion, remember that who you follow determines what follows you in life. You become what you constantly expose yourself to, so be careful what type of material you read. Don’t read phonographic materials or any other material that will drain life out of you but read books that will change your life positively. Refuse to be mediocre in life, read books written by great people and water that seed of greatness in you. Rub minds with them through their books and perhaps when you become great and well known in the world, you could rub minds with them face to face, who knows?

Thanks for reading and God bless you.



  1. True. Books allow us to travel to different places and obtain advice that the author’s of the books had to learn the hard way, then sit down and compose the books that we read now. Your point on rubbing minds with the great is also very true. We indeed become what we expose ourselves to. Good advice, thanks

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  2. What a great post! It’s so true that we can gain so much knowledge by others who took the time to write and share with us all. Maybe someday you’ll be writing books and helping others with your wonderful spirit and zest for life! Blessings to you my sweet friend! 💞💞💞

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