There are many people who give up on their dreams and goals because things are not working out or people do not appreciate them or they are not getting money from it but in actual fact, these people give up because they have no passion for what they do.
Time is too precious to waste. It’s so sad when people waste weeks, months and even years doing things they are not passionate about. These people live their lives in regret(even with the money and fame they get) knowing that they are doing what they are not meant to be doing. So, my advise for you today is to do what you love and love what you do. Focus only on doing the things that give you joy.

How do you recognize your passion?
Your passion is that thing you keep on doing with all your heart even when it is not appreciated by people and you are not paid for it. You just keep at it despite the circumstances but I want you to know that passion births consistency and consistent people are liable to success. In other words, successful people are passionate people.
I am passionate about blessing the lives of people. I write to that effect, I relate with people to that effect. Everyday, I pray to God to use me mightily in the lives of people for his good purpose. It always give me joy when people are happy because of me. Money and fame doesn’t drive me to do what I do but love and passion does and I know that God will definitely reward my labor of love. So please, let passion be the driving force for what you do too. Don’t follow your instinct, follow your passion.

Thanks for reading and God bless you.


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