One day on Campus, I was walking to my faculty (faculty of pharmacy) to read with my friend who was already waiting for me there. Along the way, I decided to take a shortcut. I walked and walked until I realized I was lost, so I decided to retrace my steps which wasn’t easy as I climbed steps, went one direction, returned to the spot before I took that direction and then took another. In the long run, I finally made it to my faculty tired and weary. A walk that should have taken me twenty-five minutes took almost forty minutes. When my friend saw me, he said ‘you are late!’ And my excuse? ‘I took a shortcut.’ 😂

What am I trying to bring out from this story?
There is no shortcut to success, anyone that dares to take a ‘shortcut’ will end up getting lost and that shortcut will turn out to be a longcut in disguise and when he/she realizes that they’ve made a mistake, retracing their steps won’t be easy, it will be very hard and rocky, a goal or dream that should have taken five years to fulfill may take ten, the person would be late in ‘arriving’ at his success or breakthrough and that is if another has not taken his place due to his lateness. So, avoid any form of shortcut when striving to achieve your goals and dreams. It won’t be easy but keep on keeping on, trust the process, never give up, keep praying, keep hoping. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, what matters is that you are going to get there, you will succeed and you won’t be late!

Thanks for reading and God bless you.


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