Bitterness as the name implies means something unpleasant, something to be avoided, something that causes pain but it’s so sad that many people live their lives in bitterness. Now, let me tell you what bitterness does in the life of a person. Bitterness drives away good health, opportunities, people and ultimately success from the life of the person harbouring it. It slowly kills its victim. Moreover, bitterness is the root cause of problems in the lives of many people. That’s how dangerous bitterness is but what causes bitterness? Unforgiveness, envy, malice are some of the causes of bitterness but the good news is that bitterness can be dealt with but we need to start from the root (The causes).

If you are living in bitterness, I want you to know that it’s all your fault. No offence, please. You’ve put yourself in the prison of bitterness and now it’s time to let yourself out.
Forgive anyone that has offended you. It doesn’t make sense when you are angry with someone and the person you are angry with is going about his activities joyfully and with a smiling face oblivious about your anger towards him and you are frowning all day long or you are happy but the moment you see that person, you become sad, your mood changes, your heart beat becomes faster, way faster. If you are letting unforgiveness to rule your heart, you will be the only one to suffer from it and not the other way around. So, destroy bitterness by forgiving your offenders, release them from the prison of your heart so you can be free. If you are finding it hard to forgive, that’s okay, you are human after all, all you have to do is pray to God for the grace to forgive. Trust me, it helps. It’s really important you forgive. Your joy depends on it.
Be contented with what you have. If you look closer in your life, you will realize that what you have is enough for the mean time. More will come when you need it. Don’t strive to have “more” when you don’t need it because you see a friend or a family member having it. That “more” may end up destroying you. Live within your means and avoid envy by all means.
Malice can mar good friendships and relationships. It’s seriously not worth it. Instead of being bitter towards one another, why don’t you be loving to one another? Isn’t it always said that love always win? So, why lose because of bitterness. Be a peacemaker and not a troublemaker. You will definitely claim the respect of the other person and many others if you do just that. Moreover, it will show the beauty of your heart.

In conclusion, avoid bitterness like a plague. Nothing good ever comes out of it. Live your life filled with joy and laughter so that when people come across you, they will contact that same joy no matter how bitter they were before. It all starts with you. Be a trailblazer in this aspect.

Thanks for reading and God bless you.


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