When you come across a material that is dangerous, let’s say like an explosive, what do you do? You either stay far away from it or run away from it when you get close and realize that you are face to face with danger. Why do you react this way? You react this way because if you don’t, it could lead to some dire consequences not just for you but to many others. I want you to know that you can’t stay or run away from danger until you recognize that danger and it is very important that you recognize it before it’s too late. In our day to day living, there are so many things that spell DANGER which we ought to stay away from or make a U-turn and run away from when in close contact but don’t do and as a result affects us and others negatively. To make us understand this better, let’s look at some of the dangers we ought to stay/run away from in life;

1) The danger of low self-esteem- Low self-esteem limits your gifts and potentials, you never become the best version of YOU. You try to copy and live like someone else thereby making you a counterfeit when in fact God has made you an original.
2) The danger of bad friendship/wrong association- Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are is a really truthful saying. Your friends can either make or mar you. The level you get to in life and the impact you will ever make in this generation and generations to come is determined and influenced by the kind of friends and company you keep.
3) The danger of peoples opinions about you- The fact is that people will always talk. People will always have something to say whether positive or negative but their opinions become a danger to you when you allow yourself to dwell upon them. You are not to ruminate over them including the positive ones because it can birth pride. Never let the things you do and do not do be based on what people have to say about you.
4) The final danger that I want us to look into is the danger of giving up on your dreams and goals for any reason. This generation and generations to come are watching to see the ideas you will birth and the impact you will make. You never know who is watching and looking up to you and when you give up on your dreams and goals, you become a disappointment and liability to them and you will not make a mark in history. Now, that’s dangerous.

In conclusion, these are some of the dangers to avoid in life. You can’t afford to be careless. Your life is too precious to waste. Stay away from these dangers and if you are too late to stay away, you know what to do. Run!

Thanks for reading and God bless you.



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