You have goals and dreams and you’ve been talking and fantasizing about them. Perhaps you have been doing this since January but have not truly acted on them to bring it to fulfillment. What are you waiting for? The right conditions? The right people? The finances or resources? If these are what you are waiting for to get started, then I’m sorry because you will have to wait forever because these things are not attracted to people who have goals and dreams, No! There are attracted to people who have laid down plans, prepared themselves to take risks and have taken action no matter how small towards achieving their goals and dreams. So, wake up you sleeping lion! Enough of the waiting! Start from where you are right now. Don’t worry, just start. The right conditions will locate you, the right people will show up (People that believe in your dreams and visions and will help you in fulfilling them), the finances and resources will come in ways you never expected. All you need to do is start. Taking baby steps is okay as long as you are making progress.
Just one question for you, this year is fast coming to an end, how far have you gone in achieving your goals and dreams?

Thanks for reading and God bless you.


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