When baking a cake, you mix in a bowl ingredients such as flour, butter, sugar, flavors and so on and put it in an oven to bake. When it is done, it looks good but wait till you put the icing on it and then it looks perfect, superb and awesome.
What am I trying to bring out of this?
A person may seem to have good character such as kindness, respect for elders, giving to charity but if the person do not have love, all his good deeds will come to nothing at the end. Somebody may be kind or respectful to make people think he/she is a good boy/girl. Somebody may give to charity for show and not out of motivation for love. Having a good character is like a cake well baked, it looks good but it needs an icing to be perfect and love is that icing on the cake.

What does icing do to a cake?
It makes it sweeter, colorful, more beautiful and attractive.
When everything you do is out of love, you are not just radiating love but beauty. People will know that love is what makes you do what you do and they will not be able to deny it because they see you going the extra mile, putting the needs of others before yours, they see no iota of selfishness in you. That’s love.
The bible says that love is the greatest commandment. Let love rule your heart. Love for God, love for yourself and love for people.

Thanks for reading and God bless you.


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