If someone generates electrical energy using potatoes and goes around excitedly telling people ‘I just generated electrical energy using oh my gosh, this is gonna burst your brain- Potatoes.’ People will just laugh and say it’s been done many times before or anybody can do that, right?
Your goals and dreams should be big even enormous because if it’s not, it will be common and nobody celebrates a common thing.

Dare to dream big. You can do better than what you are doing now. You can go higher than where you are now. Many times, we hear motivational speakers say ‘You can do it, believe in yourself.’ But I’d say ‘You can’t do it without God, don’t believe in in yourself or you’d fail yourself but believe in God because he is the one that can give you the strength, empowerment and direction you need in pursuing your goals and dreams no matter how big they look.
You are unique so dream unique dreams because like seriously, who wants to celebrate a common dream?

Thanks for reading and God bless you.


2 thoughts on “A COMMON DREAM?

  1. Yes, dream big! Excellent points, Anthonia, and you are so much wiser than those motivational speakers who leave out God that you referred to – that’s why I read your smart blog and not their empty words! 😉 Thank you for always being so encouraging and inspiring, such a blessing. ❤

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