Never do things you are not passionate about. Never do things you cannot be intentional about. Do only the things that give you joy. As long as you do what you do with joy, you will be amazed at what a blessing you can be.

Before venturing into anything (Business, work or opportunity) always have God and people in mind. I mean you don’t want to do anything against the will of God and you don’t want to do anything that will affect people negatively both those in your life and outside. Keep God and people in heart. That’s how to be a blessing.

Always encourage and be happy for the people that are doing better than you no matter how close they are to you. It’s honestly not a big deal. Always remember that you will never attract what you don’t celebrate in another’s life. Be genuinely happy for such people and you will be surprised at the kind of blessing you will become to them and others.

Make up your mind to be a blessing.

Thanks for reading and God bless you.


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