Everybody has a character, some good others bad, some positive others negative but each have its consequences. People look more at your character than at your certificate, car, money, house and so on. Now, I want you to be honest with yourself, when people study you, do they see a good or bad character? Please, be honest.
Let me tell you what a good character can do to a person- It can promote and lift a person who possesses it from poverty to wealth, obscurity to the limelight. We normally hear people say “I have a reputation to protect.” But you can’t protect or rather preserve your reputation without a good character. It’s just not possible. Choose to develop a good character. Take it step by step. Do good to others, love others, refuse to be selfish(It’s human nature to be tempted to be selfish). This is the first step towards developing a good character. Good and positive character is everything.

Thanks for reading and God bless you.



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